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 Guide for Product    

  • Do not waste time writing down all the product specifications every time you send letter to your partners.
  • List all your products here and just click once to send it to your partner.

  • Add Product
    Product List
    Add Product    
    • This service helps you manage multiple product information and send certain product information to your offers with one click.
    • Click on Add Product menu under My Product and fill in the required fields with your product information.
    • Every Tpage Company Member can use Add Product service.
    • Added product information will be listed in Product List.
    Product List    
    • In the Product List you can find the product information you have input.
    • Every Tpage Company Member can have Product List.
    • Number of products you can list up
    * Premium, Basic and Pop are Tpage Platform Service.
    Service Type Premium Service
    Basic Service
    POP Service
    Free Company Member
    Number 500 Products 250 Products 50 Products 5 Products
    [Apply for Tpage Platform Service]     [See Service Classification Chart]
    • In the Product List you can read, edit and delete product information by clicking the Product Name in the list.